We can help you capture your precious moments in a beautiful & personalised way.

Hi there! My name is James. I am a photographer and graphic designer who has worked with many clients in Melbourne and internationally for over 10 years. My artistic interpretations are largely influenced by years of experience in the creative industry as an art director and digital designer. I believe that photography is an art of observation – it’s not what you see but how you see that makes a subject comes to life.
My photography expertise revolves around events. Whether it’s a new born baby, first birthdays, christening, 17th birthdays, graduation ceremonies, weddings, to the 90th birthdays, I got you covered so that you can simply sit back and enjoy. I have shot several major events for Swinburne University of Technology, including exhibitions, alumni events, prize award ceremonies, and company functions. Events like these usually require wide coverage of the day, some group shots, some candids and lots of fun and smiles.
My set-up for event photography includes wide-angle 16–35mm, 24–70mm, nifty 50mm, telephoto 70–200mm. I love to interact with my clients and ‘blend in’ the party, coordinating group shots, capturing precious moments in a beautiful and personalised way.
I have also done a number of weddings and pre-wedding shots. Wedding is one of the most significant events in a couple’s life together and these beautiful moments should be captured and treasured for life.  I provide a half to full day coverage of the wedding day, from the early morning arrival, planning the shots, lots of communication, co-ordinating, long hours, working with the event organiser, bride and groom, videographer, etc to eventually making sure that the photos are safe and sound, followed by post-production and delivery to client.
Being an experienced graphic designer of over 10 years, it has helped me tremendously with my career in photography, especially in areas such as post-processing, particularly with Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, etc. It has also developed my eye for aesthetics – compositions, colours, attention to details, clean and minimalistic.
Enough said, I would love to connect with you! Drop me a message/email or follow me on my instagram @james_ser. 
Have a great day!
James Ser
Phone: 0466 327 945
Email: james@serfaces.com